Why Is Important to Take Your Makeup Off

After a long day or night, it’s all too easy to stick a toothbrush into your mouth, and then fall sideways onto the covers fully clothed with the lights on. You’re a rare person if you haven’tdone this, but how bad is going to bed without taking your makeup off, really?

Tune out now if you want to continue living in ignorance (not us!)—straight ahead, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian at Schweiger Dermatology Group shatters our illusions about what failing to do even the bare minimum really does to your precious skin.

clean makeup


When the sun goes down, new skin cells come out to play. “One of the most basic problems that occurs when you don’t clean your face before bedtime is that natural skin sloughing, where dead skin is replaced with new cells, is impeded,” Dr. Nazarian says. “Dead skin cells accumulate, leading to dull, dry skin.”


And they’re trapped beneath layers of foundation, sunscreen, and dirt. Like when the cut side of an apple browns, these free radicals cause oxidative stress, which in turn leads to early aging: wrinkles, sagging, cheeks that don’t spring back when you poke them. Ready your Melisandre necklace, that’s all we’ve got to say.


Whether your blush is food-grade or drag-show-proof industrial-strength, overnight, grime will build up in your pores, agitating the skin. This means small blood vessels bursting, conditions like rosacea flaring up and zits.


Which doesn’t just leave gluey, inky residue in the inner corners when you wake up—the transfer of bacteria, dirt, and oil can lead to eye infections and eyelash breakage. (Source: http://www.womansday.com/style/beauty/a55992/not-taking-off-makeup-effects)

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How to Shop for The Best Kitchen Knives

When I am shopping for knives, there is always the question about quality and how much I have to pay for good quality. What I have seen is that you can pay a little amount of money for good quality and you can pay a lot of money for poor quality, hence it is a concern. The purpose for the knife should be the main concern.

A professional chef needs to purchase a top quality kitchen knife set and also a large quantity of them. The regular house hold, and mainly a beginner in the kitchen does not need the high quantity of knives but still needs a good set of high quality kitchen cutlery. This is where you don’t need to spend as much money. Getting more information is very important before you make a purchase, one of my favourite websites would the Pcn Chef – Best Kitchen Knives, it might be helpful for you too!

The benefit of growing your knife set is that it allows you to experiment with different brands. If you are like me, I like certain brand name knives for certain jobs. There are several stores that will allow you to come in and test out different knife brands before you purchase. Before I purchase anything for my kitchen that requires a substantial outlay of funds, I try to test the product in order to ensure it is what I indeed needed.

What you need to look for

When looking at choosing kitchen knives make sure you purchase a knife with a superior blade. The best material for kitchen knife blades is carbon steel, ceramic and titanium in that order. All of these materials hold a sharp edge over a period of time. Ceramic knives are incredibly sharp and easy to clean although a bit fragile. Carbon steel is incredibly durable and withstands a lot of use and abuse however can turn colors over time. Titanium is a great material but often a bit tougher on the pocket book.

There will be advantages and disadvantages to all material used in knives. I do prefer ceramic for paring knives as they do the delicate work wonderfully but when slicing through a big chuck of meat I would take carbon steel every time.

Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set

I bought the Stainless Steel 18-Pieces Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set after many months of waiting for it to get in stock. I had tried this set out at a friend’s Christmas party as she was raving on about the new knife set that her husband gifted her so I was curious to try it out. I must say that these knives left a mark on me. By that I mean, physically.

The Perfect Match

These knives were sharper than I thought they would be. I asked her husband the price of this set and the answer I got was shocking. I didn’t expect them to be cheaper than normal knife sets. With look and price, I also didn’t expect for the knives to easily slice into the ingredients I was preparing.

The blade of the knife that’s forged is made out of high-carbon stainless steel. In addition to that, the edge is also taper-grind. The handles of on each knives are sleek and not to mention comfortable to hold for a long time. Due to the combination, I think this is why I had much more control of the knife. It isn’t too light or too heavy to hold on too.

Irresistible Block Design

Not only did the knives win me over. The Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set had an attractive wooden stained pine block that has stainless steel plates on knife handles. Now, the 19 knives that comes in this set is a 3” peeling knife, 5” utility knife, 7.75” chef knife, 8” slicer, 7.75” bread knife, 5” partoku knife, 7” santoku knife, 3.25” paring knife, eight 4.25” steak knives and an 8” sharpening steel.

The best part of this knife set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so what are you waiting for? Go get a set know before it runs out.

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Searching For New Cookware

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime, you would know that I have cooked fried rice to support myself in college. Over the years, I have experimented with many recipes that I have wooed my wife with so I needed the best stainless steel cookware on the market. A cookware that doesn’t have a problem in cooking food evenly, is oven-friendly and is super durable.


I have used many different types of cookware. How? It is because my mother uses Ceramic cookware and my wife’s mother uses Copper cookware. However, I prefer a well-made stainless steel cookware. Copper cookware was too expensive for my liking and Ceramic cookware was too fragile for cooking. I know it’s durable but I didn’t want to crack my tiles and the cookware if I happen to drop it. There’s a high chance it won’t happen but I don’t want to risk it.

Online Cookware Set Reviews

Thankfully I find myself thrown in the perfect direction. The Cook With Tina blog has aided me. There were many types of cookware including both my mom’s and mother-in-law’s recommended on it. I took as a good sign and continue searching deeper.

Most of my friends have advised me to get a new cookware since the handles on mine are quite loose. Even though I know they are right and I am a queen at procrastinating, I took some time out of my day to look for a new cookware. Sadly, I did not get a cookware set as a present because it would be certainly cool to get one.

The Number Of Pots and Pans

The first thing I noticed about the cookware sets is that it comes in many numbers. At first I was shocked that I would be getting a lot of pots and pans. Little did I know that it was including the lid of each cookware. If you’re like me and it’s your first time buying a cookware set, welcome to the club! Usually it varies from 10 pieces to 12 pieces. Since I have a big family, I decided to get the 12 pieces cookware set.

Stainless Steel

Before you say anything, I am proud that I decided to choose this material for my cookware. Not only is it durable, it is also heat resistant and much safer than non-stick cookware. Honestly, copper pots and pans were too pricey and ceramic cookware sets were too fragile. I needed something that could withstand going in and out of the oven.

The Chosen Cookware Set

There were so many brands to choose from. All-Clad, Cuisinart and Calphalon were the three sets among them. They all had great qualities but I had a specific budget and I was happy that I sticked to it as I have gotten a great deal on the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro 12-Pc Set. True to the thorough description, it has a solid feel in the hand. You will also feel more confident as it is very durable. I feel as this is going to be with me a long time. So far I’ve used it to cooked a ton of spaghettis, raviolis, chicken broths and of course, my signature fried rice. I give this 10/10. Click here for more information on stainless steel cookware.

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel Cookware Set

The great Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set is remarkable. I’m glad it’s not fully stainless steel as hot spots are not a great thing for cookware. The aluminium core definitely helps me cook efficiently and I would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends who pestered me to get new cookware as I think they would enjoy this set a lot. I hope you enjoy this quick and short review. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment down below.




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Know What He Wants This Valentine’s Day

Girls, are you struggling with planning the perfect Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. Many girls don’t really know exactly what their boyfriend wants. With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, its time you start thinking of Valentine’s Day Ideas for boyfriend. Thus you need to know the best valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend. Valentine’s Day falls on the 14 of February. It’s a day where couples celebrate their love for each other. Hence, it is of great significance if you’re currently attached.

This article would be mainly talking about how to select gifts for this very special day. Although I don’t mean that giving gifts are everything on Valentine’s Day, an excellent gift to your boyfriend’s liking could very well be the icing on the cake. Bear in mind that the activities of the date itself is the main focus, while a great gift is only a bonus. That said, you want to maximize every opportunity to make your date as good as possible.


Firstly, I would like to tell you of a very shocking find. Before this, I went to ask all my friends about receiving gifts on Valentine’s Day. Shockingly, I found out that what guys would want for Valentine’s Day is not always what their girlfriends think they want. And more surprisingly, most guys I asked didn’t expect to receive anything from their partners. Girls, this is a great opportunity to show your man that you actually do care about them.

Okay, down to the main stuff. Put yourself in the shoes of your boyfriend. Don’t give them gifts just because you like them – E.g.: that cute toy. Yes, I had a friend who got that as a gift. Most men are quite practical. Get them what they need and they’re fine. There’s one catch though. If you’re buying electronics or related items, then get them the latest model!

Those are stuff that they need. The second category of gifts that they would like to receive is gifts that allow them to participate in some kind of activity together with you. Don’t get him a Play station 3 with Grand Theft Auto. Yes, it is a fun game, but he’ll just spend all the time playing. I had a friend who got a Nintendo Wii for his birthday, and that proved to be a great catalyst for improving his relationship with his girlfriend. The game might be lame – Rayman Raving Rabbids – but they’re spending lots of fun time together and that’s all that matters.

I hope that this article has helped you in deciding what gifts to give your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. Make the best choice of valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend. I note again that gifts are just an add-on. The main crux is the actual date itself.




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Deciding the right extra special Christmas gift idea


Choice of a Christmas gift may seem a simple task to decide but I believe you just like me have faced a difficult time in deciding the right extra special Christmas gift idea. To feel the joy of Christmas you ought to celebrate with family, friends and relatives this won’t make any sweet meaning if you do not have the right gift to present to them to mark the day and keep strong bond memories. For long I had wanted to celebrate Christmas with my family in style and uniqueness not until I figured exquisite Christmas gift ideas.

For the last Christmases exclusive of last year, I had been receiving explicit presents from friends and family. One thing of amazement is that their gifts look natural and uniquely grafted, up to date I haven’t figured out how my workmate surprised me with a wonderful wine piece service set, a thing which before could not come to my mind as a gift. The issue of receiving presents had made me feel inferior for the gifts I usually presented were received with no much surprise. Not until last year’s Christmas celebration I would still be facing retaliation from friends and family. (More: Unique christmas gift ideas)

There is a wide collection of a Christmas gift ideas that indeed are pretty, fun, unique and even more precious to imagine. Your relationship with the person you want to surprise with a gift matters a lot, this gives you a platform to decide on the type of the gift to present. This may include your family, mother, father, bro, sister, husband, wife, etc. choice of a Christmas gift featuring friends and family have to be remembered for other Christmases, personalized and appreciated. There is a wide array of Christmas ideas; handmade gifts, gift foods, cards, precious ornaments, rings, clothing, chains etc. However you should also present your gift suitably for it to have a sound meaning. Have a merry Christmas!

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